In 1990, Dan Harrington and Fritz Hartrich joined forces to build and lease the first of many warehouse facilities for Nabisco, in Duncan, South Carolina.  Fritz Hartrich began developing warehouses for Nabisco in 1973 and continued to build warehouses for them throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s.

In 2004, the company expanded through the purchase of Hartrich Construction, which brought the construction and design services under one roof.  At the time of this acquisition, Craig Kouri joined the Becknell team.

Throughout the years, Becknell has built and owns approximately 30 buildings (well over 2 million square feet) for Nabisco, which is now owned by Kraft Foods, Inc.  Becknell has built a track record with Kraft to attract many new tenants and clients and this continues to grow as new clients are obtained by recommendation from our existing client base.

Today Becknell's portfolio has grown to 145 industrial properties representing more than 17.1 million square feet across 33 states and Canada, primarily for single tenant build-to-suit customers.  In addition, the Company owns nearly 375 acres of developable ground for future business distribution properties.