Erin Byers

Senior Associate
Colliers International

As a South Florida native, Erin has witnessed the transformation of many cities throughout the tri-county area. Although other factors have influenced her decision to venture into commercial real estate, observing the growth and development of Miami-Dade’s industrial sector contributed significantly.

Over the last ten years, through thorough financial analysis she has been able to develop an extensive transaction history that covers a wide range of disciplines including sales, leasing, portfolio management and development. Erin’s approach focuses solely on her clients’ goals and has resulted in multiple significant transactions and savings.

She understands that your role as a business owner or decision maker requires comprehensive information, strategic planning and timely execution. By leveraging her knowledge of current market conditions and past experiences, Erin is able to provide an unprecedented level of service, focusing on your specific real estate requirement, best interests and long-term goals.


Bachelor of Science - Florida International University